Thursday, October 14, 2010

The time of our lives.....

I thought that the time of our lives would be as newlyweds, but it seems as though having a baby is a tad more exciting. ;-) OR maybe it's just a period in your life that is so exciting because it is something new. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and we have a great marriage, but planning for a baby is SO exciting!  It starts a new chapter in our life and growing our family is a feeling you can't describe.

 Last night we were sitting at the dinner table eating dinner, well, I was eating a cheeseburger and Kevin was eating pretzels and hummus.  You see, a little while after I got pregnant Kevin decided that he wanted to go on a complete healthy binge with P90X and NO junk food.  So, I think I am craving all of his junk that he isn't getting.  I don't mind and neither does little mac.  So, while he eats healthy, I eat crappy.  Don't worry; I don’t eat bad all the time...I still get all my fruits and veggies!!  I better suck it up for the next 5.5 months! Anyway, back to my story, we were sitting there eating and I said, "Isn't it wild that in a few months we will have someone else (besides our other 2 children/dogs) joining us?!?!?!"  I just can't wait to have another one throwing food at me, spitting up on me, throwing food to the dogs, and whatever else will happen.  It's just so exciting.  So, needless to say, we can't wait for the next person to join us at the dinner table other than our furry 4 legged children.  We want someone that can talk to us other than beg for food! ;-)

So, the only other exciting news is that yesterday little mac graduated to the size of an orange and he/she definitely wants to be seen.  My pants no longer button or zip and I have been walking around like I can't afford pants that fit.  SO, I got a belly band!!! If you have never heard of these they are an amazing invention.  I can now wear my pants or jeans until I am big enough to fit in maternity pants AND I can be comfortable.  Here is a pic if you have never seen one.  If you are pregnant and in a fat phase like me, get one of these.  Best investment ever.  Sorry for the partly obscene pic.

That's it for now.  We are anxiously awaiting Nov. 3rd! What do you think?  Boy or girl???


  1. Be proud of your baby bump! And remember, he/she is part Carlson and will need plenty of room for growth! :)

  2. I am guessing a GIRL..but will be thrilled beyond belief no matter if I have a niece or nephew!! :) You are too cute with that baby bump!