Thursday, March 17, 2011

36 weeks and counting.....

So, I have made it to my last month.  I can't believe I only have 4 weeks(or less) to house this little munchkin! Being pregnant has been one of my most absolute favorite things.  Fortunately, I have had a wonderful pregnancy. There has been no morning sickness, no heartburn, nothing!  My biggest complaint is my leg cramps in the middle of the night....which isn't that bad(well, most of the time at least). I ugess it isn't that fun to be awoken with the feeling of your legs muscles curling up into a little ball. ;-)

We had our 36 week appointment on Tuesday.  My midwfie wanted to do an ultrasound to confirm this little lady was heading south.  Kevin and I were both excited that we got to see her one last time before her big debut. The last time we saw her was at 20 weeks and she was so tiny! So, the second she popped up on the screen she let us know that she was head down(YAY - big sigh of relief!).  After she measured her head, tummy, and femur, the u/s tech informed us that she was measuring 7lbs. 4oz.----wow!!  Oh, and she also informed us that she can gain up to a half a pound a week until delivery.  So, you are telling me that she has the potential to be over 9 lbs.?!?!?!?  *Gulp* I guess if my mom did it 3 times I can do it, right???  HA!  She also switched the u/s over to 3D for a second and we got to see her face. Oh my goodness I dont think I have seen anything sweeter. She has the fattest cheeks and the sweetest plumpest lips....just like her mama.  There is no denying that there is some Carlson in her!  It was pretty surreal to see her and made us just want to meet her that much sooner!!! 

I think we finally have everything we need for this little chick.  Lord knows she doesn't need anymore clothes.  I think she has a more stylish wardrobe than me!  We are ready to meet her but our house isn't!  We finally finished the renovation of our master bath and started on the hall bath.  It really needs to be done before her arrival(and I am hoping she doesnt decide to come before it is done!!)  I have been a little stressed over that but I have faith it will be's so close.

This week she is the size of a watermelon and my belly definitely shows it. I know I did say earlier that I love being pregnant but I will also love to get back into my normal clothes!  I can only make these clothes look cute for so long :-)

Hopefully my next post will be after our angel has arrived!!!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Much love,