Monday, November 8, 2010

It's official!!!

There is a little princess growing inside this belly :-)

Last Wednesday, the 3rd, we scheduled a 3D ultrasound in order to find out what this little munchkin was.  We just couldn't wait until 20 weeks!  Or at least my mom and I couldn't wait!  Our appointment wasn't until 8:30PM so we had to wait allllllll day.  Probably the longest most anticipated day of my life.  I invited my parents, my grandmother, and Kevin's parents to join in the reveal. Some may think that is a little extensive but I say, "Hey, the more the merrier!" We met for dinner and then headed to the ultrasound office afterwards.

We walk into this little building with a waiting room, bathroom, ultrasound room, and an office.  It was the bare minimum to say the least but they were only there for one thing. Since we got there 30 minutes early(thanks to me), we had to wait and wait, and listen to my dad come up with some very interesting baby names. I am surprised our laughter didn't get us kicked out - we have fun no matter where we are! It was finally our turn and they walk us into the room with a 120" screen on the wall, the seating area, and the examining table.  So, I hop up on the table and at this point I am beyond ready to see my little monkey. She starts the ultrasound and there pops up the head, squirmy feet and arms, little was amazing to see.

Kevin and I have heard the HB a few times but had only seen little mac on the screen at 8 weeks(and that just looks like a blob).  So, to see an actual baby with arms, legs, and feet moving all around was such a surreal thing to see.  I couldn't get rid of that smile across my face!  Little miss thing was moving around so much that it took a little longer to find out what she was.  But, when we did there were some happy & loud people in that room!  I just knew it was a boy so when they said girl I was so shocked!  I think Kevin and I both were.  It was a moment that we will never forget.

So, since we found out that it was a girl my mom and I have been SHOPPING!!! :-) Well, more my mom than me ;-)  It so much fun to buy PINK and the clothes are just so cute!

Here is a pic of our little girl....she was waving at us the whole time. She is so friendly at such a young age ;-)

Isn't she the cutest?!?!?


  1. She has an early she is going to be as friendly as her mommy! It was such an amazing event...thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  2. I hope that wasnt "freudian" when you say we have no fun no matter where we are.
    i like to think of it as fun!
    love you.

  3. HAHA! Just saw that - I changed it! You KNOW we have fun no matter where we are!

  4. Such an exciting time in your life right now!! Enjoy every second b/c the second you turn around she will be 10 months like Miss Charlotte. :) Congrats on having a little girl. :) Cant wait for Charlotte to teach little Mac all she needs to know!